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Not Solved PBBoard To Mybb
Not Solved
He wants Jason to contact Dylan for him.
Not Solved
(08-13-2011, 12:51 AM)Malcolm. Wrote: He wants Jason to contact Dylan for him.

Ah. I was correct. I thought that but I wasn't very sure. I'll go ahead and do that.
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Thank you
Not Solved
Officially there will be no merge module made for this software at this time. There is not enough demand for it, nor is there likely to be.
Not Solved
Will not you flip the script?
Not Solved
Unfortunately, as Dylan said, there just isn't enough demand. Maybe a ways into the future, however, he probably wants to finish the IPB3, vB4, and some other ones first.

As mentioned above, see if you can convert to another software, and then to MyBB. It may take a few conversions though.
No, I am not looking to be hired at the moment. No, I am not taking plugin requests at the moment. Do not PM me for these things. I don't accept buddy requests either; nothing personal. Do not PM me for support if you have been waiting less than 48 hours. Thank you for understanding.

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