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Movies and Popcorn - Movie Forum

[Image: logo2.png]

Movies and Popcorn is a movie and t.v. fan forum. Talk about moives, videos, television shows, and youtube videos. Discuss your favorite actors, movie rumors, and reality tv shows.

We have a couple of very unique features such as our movie review setup with allows users to submit professional style movie reviews with our already setup review template.

[Image: movie-reviews.png]

Each new review is then featured on the forum index seen below.

[Image: movie-reviews2.png]

Cool features:
-Color changer
-Movie review system
-What users are watching now feature
-CSS3 hover effects

*Commenting on this thread is closed to WebOutfit

Please keep commenting to constructive advice and feeback only. If you feel a need to express your opinions on the theme not being unique or elements of it not being unique feel free to PM me and I will gladly discuss it with you, but lets not have those discussions here. Thanks! Smile
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