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How to add a custom location to Who's Online List? - Comprehensive Tutorial
Hello all,
I was wondering, what if I would like to add as a custom location ( and my forum is in forum/ directory, how should I proceed?

Thanks a lot for help Smile
when i m tring this .....its shows some error massage..........
(10-23-2008, 05:02 AM)EviLito Wrote:  Hey, hi!

May someone please guide me how to make a custom location of a page that I have in a custom subdirectory?

I tried this way, but it says I'm on Forum Index (and I'm not)


This is the exact same thing I am trying to do.

Is there no way to do it?
Hey, Mr. Feather!
Some help, please! Angel
Hey, Mr. Feather!
Hey, Mr. Feather!
Hey, Mr. Feather!
It can be done Tom did it in Mytracker.
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Sorry for the major revival, but what if I have a groups page where the url ends up being /forums/showgroup.php?gid=X. X is an integer corresponding to the groups unique id. Table name is mybb_socialgroups if that helps any. All members are able to create groups so I don't want to manually have to update the file anytime someone adds a group.
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why wont this work for me all i am trying to do is add /chat.php to the online list i have added

case "chat":   //that's the custom page filename without the '.php'
            $user_activity['activity'] = "custom";
case "custom":
            $location_name = 'Chatting: ';

but it doesnt work
Are you sure you're adding these lines to the right place?

Could you please post the full source of your 'inc/functions_online.php' file?

Could you also give us your url?
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