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The Forums!
The most popular section is the 'spam' section.. says a lot.
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(06-24-2010, 10:02 PM)iBf Wrote:  The most popular section is the 'spam' section.. says a lot.

That normally is the most popular section in a forum.

So actually, you really don't see a lot of forums >.<
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I see no benefit at all of a spam section. If you fear users will post low quality in other sections, get more moderators. Get enough so that all new posts are seen.
If I'm a guest browsing your forum and from a users profile, I click 'find all posts', I'm going to see that most posts are in the spam section. That's really not a good look for potential members.

Also, the site you linked me too wont let me view without enabling Javascript, so I wont view it.
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I'm not afraid of my members posting lq posts. its a section to have fun in.
Arcade Released and TFPoints released, similar to vb credits.
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