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Last one to Post #5!
Well, I think a "hello" would be more appropriate. Hi is far too informal for serious news Confused
Evenmorso with news like that...
You know what's weird? Me.
Smile be strong Mark, I think I can speak for us all when I say "we're all here for you" Smile
Another one already, can't wait to win.
Thanks for all your support guys. I wrote a nice stern letter to the hospital. Ending with "I'm pretty sure i'd rather see a mortician then you guys."
You know what's weird? Me.
No problem, and good to hear it! Smile
I'm so tired >_>
And now comes the 5 hour drive to the funeral and wake.
You know what's weird? Me.
Be strong Mark, I am so sorry. Sad
I'm sorry too Mark Sad

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