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Cherokee or Hiawatha?
Well it looks like I am finally moving away from Lighttpd. Development is slow (albeit it some of the devs are chugging along with a few edits a week) but the support is what got me to start looking elsewhere.

I really wanted to try nginx but after all of the research I just don't think I'll like it. So my choices are between Cherokee and Hiawatha.

I'm building 2 Arch Linux VMs now for testing but I'm curious as to what others have to say. So what's you're experience with them? Big Grin
I've never actually tried either of those. I have, however, played with nginx and I loved it myself Smile
When I move to a VPS I'm probably going to use nginx. So far I've only used Apache. To those who have nginx, is there much difference? Is it easy to get used to? (Excuse my thread-jacking, KuJoe :p)
Every single thing I've read about nginx is the same exact thing: "nginx is excellent for serving static content"

While that is well and good I am looking for serving dynamic content and even though I've been told nginx is good at it that's not what it's known for and everybody opts for running Apache with nginx to handle non-static content. This is why I do not feel comfortable using it as my standalone httpd service.
idk, I had nginx running with php without any real problems. However I never did get phpmyadmin to work with the set up...

Personally I would go with Hiawatha because it seems the developer is on top of supporting his project.

I tried cherokee but can't remember why I didn't stick with it honestly. I think it was because I couldn't wrap my head around their control panel thing.
The GUI is probably the only selling point for me because it has reporting built in so it would eliminate some of my server-side scripts.
Cherokee - fastest, but no security feature
Hiawatha - also fast, secure, easy installation.+1 from me.

Btw, I recommend nginx, it's saving so much memory and load on my site.
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
Well I've built 5 identical VMs so I will try out Cherokee, Hiawatha, Nginx, and Lightspeed and compare them to my Lighttpd setup. I'm leaning more towards Cherokee right now because of the features but Hiawatha has better default security.
HIAWATHA! I've only used it once but really, if i had the time or skill to install it on everything, i would. Its easily the best system i've seen.

Edit: Isn't litespeed the one with the stupid license?
You know what's weird? Me.
Yes, I really hate Litespeed's license and I have refused to use it because of this but I figured I would at least test it and see if it could make me look past the license to run a single website on.

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