Forum Announcement: New Policies
As you may have noticed, the "No Junk" policies of this section are being enforced more than in the past. It was our intent that this forum be used for the testing of MyBB features and bugs, and as a place where staff can move "Trashed" forums. The original purpose of this forum has been lost behind a clutter of useless posts.

We have developed a new set of policies for dealing with "Trashed" threads, and will no longer be using this forum as a dumping ground. In order to maintain a clean, professional environment, we have made the sole purpose of this forum testing, as is reflected in the new name.

If you would like to post threads about various topics not related to MyBB, that still serve a legitimate purpose, please post them in the General Discussion forum. If you don't feel your off-topic post belongs there, it probably doesn't belong on this site at all.

MyBB Staff