Forum Announcement: Contributors
What is the Contributors Usergroup?

This is the MyBB Group's recognition of your valued contributions to the project. We feel that the people in the Contributors usergroup are the main figures in the community that drive the project forward. Getting in is a matter of invitation not request and exceptions will not be made to this.

I've done contributing but I haven't been added, what's going on?

The MyBB Group assesses who we feel should be in the Contributor group on a per user basis. You may have had lots of Pull Requests merged or submitted plugins/themes to the Mods Site and not been added, this could be a mixture of reasons: 1) We've not got around to adding you; 2) We don't feel you have contributed enough given the quality of your Pull Requests; 3) We haven't noticed - we are all volunteers and some things slip through the net. If you feel strongly that you should be in this group then contact one of our Community Team members and they would be pleased to talk to you about the circumstances of you not being in the group.

I was in the Contributors group but now I'm not, did I blink and miss something?

Places in the Contributors group are for those that the MyBB group feels are active contributors towards the project. If you stop making good quality Pull Requests/plugins/themes or stop being involved in conversations after a good period of time, you may be removed at the discretion of the MyBB group. This group is in place so that the community can help MyBB evolve, if you're not doing this then you're not fulfilling the 'job description' of the group.

  • You have a past of good development (Plugins, Pull Requests, Tutorials)
  • You submit five pull requests that are accepted to MyBB codebase.
  • You submit ten pull requests that are accepted to the docs.

By meeting at least one of the requirements above you will be moved to the Contributors group - you'll have a badge next to your username on your profile and posts.
[Image: contributor.png]

Besides that, you'll be able to participate the 1.8 Discussion forum and at a later point, 2.0 Discussion.

If you do not meet any of the requirements yet we recommend you to look at our Workflow and change that!