Forum Announcement: Publishing your language pack for MyBB 1.8
How to publish your language pack for MyBB 1.8?

If you completed a language pack for MyBB 1.8 we recommed you to publish it first in Translation Discussion and Development and get as much feedback from users as possible.

When you consider you have a stable version, we invite you to upload the language pack on the new Mods Website.

Optionally, you can create a new release thread providing your download link for your language pack.

From now on, to update the language pack, you need to head over to the language pack link, click on the Manage Build option on the right block, and submit a new build with your new language pack version.

Be sure to mention the changes each build brings by modifying the change log.

We can offer an Approved Developer status and a Translator badge to people that prove they provide high quality content and are actively maintaining the translations. To open a request please create a new thread in Private Inquiries.

You can also check out this guide made by Tochjo for MyBB 1.6 translations as you will find many important tips.