Forum Announcement: READ: Please do not suggest features involving payment and/or money
Hi there,

We've received numerous feature requests for features such as "Subscriptions" and "Upgrades" to forum rank.

While we understand the volume of these requests, we do not plan on implementing these features. We ask that you politely understand that we're aware of the desire but will not be implementing these in the core for some reasons that I'll outline below.

Some reasons for its exclusion:
  1. The reality is that most forums do not need a payments system, which means we'd be adding a bunch of code onto the core when only some forums use it.
  2. In many cases, it seems like newer administrators implement ads on their board or upgrades before they have any valuable content. This really just pollutes the Internet with useless garbage and generates no revenue for the admin. If anything, it drives users away from them. We do not want to encourage this further by making it so easy for everyone to put ads on what could otherwise be a board that's beautiful and just about the content.
  3. If you have a big enough forum to actually need monetization and for it to be appropriate, you more than likely know how to do it yourself in almost no time, or can take a few minutes to configure a plugin. The end justifies the means.
  4. Forums are about sharing and spread of information. They have the spirit of freedom and liberation, expression and equality at their core. That's how it's almost always been. Paywalls and increasing focuses on generating revenue go against that forum spirit that we want to support. Don't put a paywall on things just because you can, which has ruined sites like Forbes, the WSJ, and NYT in the U.S.
Thank you for your understanding. We promise that, despite the lack of these specific features, 2.0 will still be an awesome release! Smile

Please note that any feature requests that deal with payment, unless radically different in concept from the type discussed above, will be rejected with the thread closed past this point.