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Full Version: Reporting Bugs and Issues
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Reporting Bugs and Issues - Tomm M

Reporting Bugs and Issues

When you experience a problem with your MyBB forum it's important you report it so we can investigate.

Use the steps set out below to help make your report and help developers fix the problem as quickly as possible.

1. Make sure it's a bug

With the plugins and themes you're using your MyBB forum is unique; we need to make sure the problem you've found is actually a problem with MyBB or whether the problem is elsewhere.

  • Try it on a new installation
    Setup a brand new MyBB installation on your server or your computer (be careful not to overwrite your forum’s database!) and try to replicate the problem you have found. If the same thing happens it’s a bug.
  • Get a friend to test it
    If you can’t setup a new install get a friend who has a MyBB forum to try out your problem. If they find the same problem it’s a bug.
  • It only seems to affect your forum
    If you’ve tried to replicate the problem without success it’s not a bug and it may just affect your forum. Start a new Support Thread for some help on investigating where the problem might be.

2. See if someone else has already reported it

Please try searching for your bug on the forums, our archived bug tracker and on GitHub to see if someone else has already reported it.

  • If your bug has already been reported please don’t report it as we might be already working on fixing it.
  • If there’s a report that sounds like your bug, but not quite the same, consider writing a comment on the report to say you’re experiencing it too. If you’re not sure they’re the same please create a new thread in the Bugs & Issues forum.
  • If the report is older than 6 months and is considered closed please don’t comment on the report; instead, create a new thread in the Bugs & Issues forum.

3. How to write a good bug report

If you’re sure no-one has reported your bug please create a new thread in the Bugs & Issues forum.

Please include the following information wherever possible:
  1. Include the MyBB Version Number, PHP and database information found in your Admin Control Panel (ACP) home page. Also include the internet browser and version number you’ve been using while this bug occurs.
  2. Include step-by-step instructions on how you found the problem and what to do to make it happen again. Tell us what happens before, during or after the bug (for example, if an error message appears) and remember to add screenshots if you think it’s necessary.
  3. Tell us how often this bug occurs, for example, all the time; only when you’re logged in; after you saved changes or just randomly.
This should give us enough information to work with and debug your problem. We may need to get back in touch so remember to keep track of your report and its progress.

Reading material: Simon Tatham’s guide on How to Report Bugs Effectively.

4. Patching bugs within MyBB

Once a bug is reported it needs to be confirmed as an actual bug. When a bug is investigated and confirmed a MyBB team member will move the report to GitHub for developers and contributors to work on and fix.

If you want to patch (or fix) a bug in MyBB it’s important to follow a few simple rules to make sure your work is accurate and the bug is fixed properly.

  1. Choose a bug to fix from GitHub’s Issues section or find a report to work with on the forums.
  2. Follow the GitHub workflow that MyBB uses for its software.
  3. Remember to follow the coding standards (which are important to ensure all the code looks the same).
  4. Figure out how to fix the bug by modifying MyBB’s core files. You can discuss your changes in the bug report at GitHub or use patch files for other people to test; alternatively, you can also create a new thread in the Discussion forums or in the original bug’s report thread.
  5. Make the changes to your GitHub fork for MyBB, remembering to follow the workflow and standards mentioned earlier.
  6. Send a pull request with your changes and other contributors, or our Developers/SQA teams, will help confirm the fix or work with you to continue your work.
  7. Once a fix is confirmed and working, the bug no longer exists and your work doesn’t introduce new bugs it is merged into the software and will be included in the next release.

5. Notes
  • Your bug might need more information from you; remember to keep track of your report and help out wherever you can.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask! We’re here to help. If you're unsure what to do create a new thread in either Bugs & Issues forums.