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Full Version: Public Indonesia Sites
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After so long this Forum Created And Finally Finished Although Hosting And Free Domain no change Against Our Site

Old site:
New Site:

Here We Also Provide MyBB Plugins That We Make As TinyMCE V2.0 Who's In Making And TinyMCE v1.5 Not On Approve

I Want To Ask You Are Already Good My Forum
The theme is really bad. Try to change it.

And you have a cracking and Hacking section which is not allowed.
Theme Has Been Fixxed
So, you Ripped Labrocca's HF theme. Reported to him.
I see a DMCA heading your way.
I Do Not Report To Labbroca
(07-29-2011, 10:30 PM)ambrizal Wrote: [ -> ]I Do Not Report To Labbroca

He didn't say you do. He said he's reporting you to labrocca.

Either you change your theme and delete all resources related to labrocca's theme or your site will be shutdown.
Sorry I Do not Know About That
Theme Has Been Fixxed