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Hey all,

Just looking for some critiques regarding the design.

Theme looks clean and good. But the yellow tfoot doesn't look good. Try something grey.

And the menu (search, memberlist, etc) don't point to their appropriate links.

Good luck.
Hi kavin,

Thanks for the suggestions. Was looking to propagate the links tomorrow, but I figured I mind as well correct it before more people critique the design.

As for the tfoot, have anything other suggestions besides gray? Trying to use a hint of yellow to keep with the main design colors, so I thought a shot of yellow would look good below.
Hmm. Can't think of any colors other than gray. As the thead and tcat are black/gray, the tfoot won't look with usage of any different colors.
It looks fine yellow...
He used yellow in the banner, and therefore it is a good idea to hint at that color again later on in the theme.
Kavin, it's an idea of contrast, if he did gray, the theme becomes mono toned, which I don't think is what he was going for.

I think the theme looks amazing Smile
Hi Concon,

Thanks for the comments. I was trying to avoid that monotonous tone like you mentioned, but it's difficult when your main colors are black and different shades of gray or white.

Much appreciated,