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Full Version: Land of Minecraft - Minecraft Survival Server
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Hey everybody. I've opened up a new forum for my Minecraft Server.

The forums really just are for support and information regarding our server but you can also have some friendly discussions there too. Smile

Our server is a Survival Server and we have a fair amount of players playing so far. So come join in on the building action. =]

[I'm not really looking for feedback on the theme which I know could use some work. This is really just me advertising my Server *cough cough* I mean my forums.]
It looks pretty good actually. It could use a little work, but it's nice that it is minecraft based.
Bump Smile

The Server now has around 25 players which is awesome. We are having a blast!

We just installed more proaction mods and we also installed an NPC mod with plans to install a Questing Mod in the very near future! Imagine going up to an NPC and it gives you a quest. Legit right? These are just some of the awesome things we are working on!
I will try it
If there is no lag
i will be permanent player here
beacuse in my country there are no dedicated servers

Please give me permission!
my id is Glas

You should be able to just log on and start playing right away.

There is a bit of lag sometimes but we are moving to a new server ASAP as I have not been quite happy with this one recently.
lol! you stole the background from the official minecraft forum, but its nice Smile