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Full Version: Can't access the install page
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Hey everyone,
I purchased a web server to host a forum for my minecraft server. I've decided that I want to use myBB but I'm having some trouble setting it up. I've uploaded the specified files to my host, modded the CHMOD values of the specified files and then tried to go to what the link for my forums should have been ( However I always get a 404 error when I try to go to this link. I've tried moving around my forums folder to see if maybe its in the wrong spot but nothing seems to help at all. This is where I've tried to put it:
the root directory (/forums)
public_ftp (/public_ftp/forums)
public_html (/public_html/forums)
cgi-bin in the public_html folder (/public_html/cgi-bin/forums)

Where am I supposed to put all of these files so that I'd finally be able to install them? I'd really like to get the forum running soon.
You're supposed to upload them to public_html. If you want your forums to be in a subfolder, then create a folder called forums and upload the files there.
I tried that and I can't access the install page. Am I missing something in my server configuration possibly?
I can see it perfectly fine: