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Full Version: [WIP] MyWiki
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MyWiki is a plugin which I've found some time ago in my backups. I coded the plugin originally for MyBB Community (alias MyBB Runway) where I was a staff member until the activity decreased and Bob (the owner) didn't came online anymore. The front-end is (almost) ready, just the back-end must be still done. Some features are:
  • Categories
  • Attachments
  • Search
  • Version History (Versions are restoreable)
  • Version Comparsion
  • Article Discusions
  • Auto-generated Contents Box (can be disabled for short article)
  • Image Captions (MyCode)
  • Tables (MyCode)
  • Overview Page [Latest Article; Featured Article; Custom Info/Welcome Box]


The release of this plugin could take a while, because MyBB CMS has more priority and I'll start soon new own project and a project with some other awesome people.
Looks really good Simon! Smile
look like nice impressive!
Can't wait for it to be published. Smile Always available for translating if you need me.
It looks awesome, for sure! I look forward to seeing the finished product. Smile.
Nice work as usual Simon. Can't wait to see the final version.
Looks great! Cant wait to download it!
Awesome Simon! Smile can't wait for it.
Another excellent work for the mybb project, keep it going Simon Smile
Thanks guys!
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