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Full Version: [Tutorial]: How To Resize Images On Your Forum
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Step 1:
Download The Javascript Attachment Below And upload them into your ftp in a folder called jscripts

Step 2:
Login Into ACP, Go To Templates & Style >> Click on Templates >> Choose Theme >> Click on headerinclude

Step 3:
At The End Of The Script In headerinclude Add The Script Below
<script type="text/javascript" src=jscripts/thread.js?ver=1400></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=jscripts/fitonpage.js?ver=230></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    var fitonpage_on = "1";
    var fitonpage_resize = "800";
    var fitonpage_fluid = "90";
    var fitonpage_topbar_resized = "Image has been scaled down %PERCENT% (%RSIZE%). Click this bar to view original image (%OSIZE%). Click image to open in new window.";
    var fitonpage_topbar_full = "Image is shown in its original resolution (%OSIZE%). Click this bar to resize image to fit in page (%RSIZE%). Click image to open in new window.";
    var fitonpage_topbar_text_class = "smalltext";
    var fitonpage_topbar_bground = "FFFF99";
    var fitonpage_topbar_icon = "images/icons/information.gif";
    var fitonpage_location = "showthread";

Should look like this:
[Image: x2V4H.png]

Last Step Just Save It and test to see if it works

Download Attachment:


link dead? hosting account suspended?
(2011-10-20, 03:14 PM)snlow5115 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi

link dead? hosting account suspended?

my bad re uploaded the attachment.