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Full Version: [Tutorial]: Adding Meta Tags
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Difficulty level: Easy

Step 1:
Login into ACP >> Templates & Style >> Templates >> Now choose the template you want to edit.

Step 2:
Find Index Page TemplatesTemplates Click on it and Find index

Step 3:
Now at top meaning line #1 where it says below:

Step 4:
Replace it with this:
<meta name="Keywords"content="MyBB Seo Improvements">
<meta name="Description"content="mybb plugins, mybb themes, mybb tuts">

should look like this:
[Image: 1ZfYV.png]

Then press Save And Return To Listing

when you go on your forum Left Click On View Page Info
ull see something like this
[Image: j9Fcr.png]
Is there any demo?
(2011-08-12, 03:37 AM)midomlp Wrote: [ -> ]Is there any demo?

Do you even know what this is for?

@OP - It's quite frowned upon to write HTML code in upper case, considering HTML is case insensitive.
Better yet, couldn't you just use the mybb variables for the title?

Also, why make this of all things into a tutorial? If a MyBB user doesn't know basic/intermediate HTML, CSS, or basic PHP, then should said user be allowed to run a forum?
Your code is not XHTML valid and will break validation of MyBB.
Quote:Also, why make this of all things into a tutorial? If a MyBB user doesn't know basic/intermediate HTML, CSS, or basic PHP, then should said user be allowed to run a forum?

Dang, Claire, that was mean. I know HTML, I dabble a little in CSS. I was an administrator of the forum I now run when the owner ran into problems and had to hand it over to someone else and he decided I was best suited for the job, never mind I know absolutely nothing about php. The thing is, I'm trying to learn how to do it right so people sharing information like this can be very useful.

Truth be told, tens of thousands of people run websites and hire others to do the technical work for them. Millions of people who probably shouldn't be let near a computer use them anyway. If computers and the internet were just left up to those who know how, only a handful of people anywhere would be using any of it. Remember, none of us were born knowing this stuff, we all had to learn it somehow.

@ Dark Byte, thank you for the information!

@ Labrocco, thank you for pointing out it's not XHTML compliant, because sometimes I forget to run things through an HTML check before uploading. Smile
I'm not trying to be mean or cold, it's just true.

And while people aren't born knowing these things, some people know them at a young age because when you're young it's easy to want to do things, simple things too. Like building a website, not to mention they have millions of books and some mainstream sites on how to do such a thing as well.

I'm not saying you have to know it at a young age, but if you're going to use a software, at least know how to build a web page instead of relying on others and softwares to do it for you.

Don't get me wrong, most people don't know how to make a forum at birth, but if you don't even know the basics, why bother?
In my opinion i wont use this kind of modification cause this will hurt your SEO rankings since this meta tags will be the same in all pages.
Cause meta tags should be related to its content. This kind of modification is only good in index.php but not in all pages.
I don't see why you couldn't use a variable to assist with key words. Using SQL to grab things like the thread title could be a good Meta Tag.
i put another way for it to be used.
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