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Full Version: My Doctor Who site
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Just wanted to get views in my doctor who site. See what people think. Smile

Looks interesting. Will join in a few.
Have made some changes to the design and layout, would love to get opinions on them. Wether theres things you dont like, whats good etc... Smile
The site looks nice with the theme as its not hard on the eyes but doesn't have that pop that makes it on its own. I like the icons of the on off of the tardis, a nice touch there. It's good to see most of the sections have topics even if there is at least one thread in there.

The Donation page is a nice touch but maybe perhaps can add some additional options to donators to make it more attractive.
What type of things would you have mind for the donators? Avatars? What else could there be.? Have tried thinking of doing something like it, but not sure what i coud offer.
Too many share buttons everywhere, and the banner is really bad.
Apologies if my skills arent up to scratch. May i ask what is 'bad' about it?
Doesn't fit with the theme, basic font, too much obvious glow.
Good to see my theme in action,all the best.
Change the logo a bit make a png image so it fits well.

Yeah, sorting that out today. Did it at 3 in the morning, so needed sleep lol. Smile
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