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What is "OpenTopics"?
OpenTopics is a free and open discussion forum for users of all sorts.
We have sections for everyone here and we allow almost everything except for a list of few banned items which can be found in the Announcements section.
We hope to serve our users with the most high-quality of threads.

One of the most important things you should know about us is, that the POST COUNT IS DISABLED. Like I said, we want all our posts and threads to be of the highest quality.

Moderation, ForumTeam and Threading
Members would not be banned unless they fail to follow our code of conductance.
All are treated equally and none of your posts are moderated.
Only automated posts, created by Advertiser bots will be removed.

Moderators: We will not be hiring any moderators.

Upgrading your account: We will soon be setting up a system by which you will be able to automatically upgrade your account without having to contact the administrator by paying the fixed amount.

I am currently working on a custom theme.

Why not signup and give me some feed? Smile

Disabling post count will be a bad option. But other than that, the community looks fine.
(08-08-2011, 01:53 PM)kavin Wrote: [ -> ]Disabling post count will be a bad option. But other than that, the community looks fine.

No, actually, I prefer it disabled.
That'll get rid of all the Low quality post farmers imo.
That would make loyal visitors avoid your Forum too. Because if they don't have post count, then they get no appreciation for their work.
Sorry about the login bug, it was a problem with the cookie settings.
It's all good now.