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Site Name: Admin Village
Site URL:
Description: Admin Village is a community based around my forum, Admin Hut. The idea was to combine a post 2 host and an admin forum in to one, providing unique services that admins can use to propel their forum to greatness. What separates us from other promotion/admin forums?

-We provide CPanel hosting to members in exchange for AV Points.
-We have a unique SEO Research service that will help your forum, which has never been done before.

Stop on by and see what we have to offer.

Your Name on the Board: MrJohn
pretty nice theme,the color switcher by audentio and nice domain....all the best
Thanks, yea Audentio makes some pretty nice themes! Smile
Quite a nice site John. Best of luck!
We have eclipsed the 1,000 post mark!
When i clicked the red theme it crashed my browser. IE9 on WIN 7.

Also, do you find that you get a load of people registering just to post a silly URL in their signature?
That sounds weird. I will have to double check with Audentio and see what I can have done about that. Thanks for the report.
We just added a bidding wars section in which you can win prizes. You use your AV points that you get from posting around the forum to bid on items.
Excellent site! I'm considering joining.....
(08-14-2011, 03:56 PM)Everett777 Wrote: [ -> ]Excellent site! I'm considering joining.....

You should, there are lots of helpful people there. Cool
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