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Full Version: My custom avatar site.
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Not sure where to post, i fin wrong place move it please.

Hi, i am part of this cool new website where you can make custom avatars, chat in a 3D environment simular to the popular online game runscape.

Click the link to view the site:


Note: if you think any of the graphics need updating please PM me.
Note 2: the link will give you one month member features.
The showcase section would probably be a better section for this. However i don't know if your site breaches the forum software rule by not having any forum software.
Quote:Your forum HAS to be powered by MyBB and MUST contain the MyBB Copyright.
none the less: All I can see are three bars. Two blue ones either side of a large grey one. I'm guessing theres supposed to be a flash object there. You should have some text describing what what is supposed to be displayed, or have a page linking to the flash page explaining that the next page has flash content. Also tell your users where to get the flash plugin.
pretty good idea for a site, what software are you using for the chat world?
Don't click that link!

I got some guy who goes that site too, if u see the link properly, if u click it, it will earn them referrals.

note 1:the forum: ***URL REMOVED*** has been changed to MYBB 1 week ago, some ISP's have been caching the old forum.

note 2: its made with flash 8

note 3: that url gets you one free month of members, thats why the url contains a link to the coldfussion server "CFM" and "ONE" know what you are talking about before you open your mouth.
I assumed that there was no forum as i couldnt see a link. All I can see are the three bars. I havent got the flash player installed.
Moved to Showcase forum.

EDIT: Also closed, for not having a MyBB Forum.

When I start seeing a MyBB Forum there, I will re-open it with all links placed back. (Except the referral one)
ok: ***URL REMOVED***

there is the forum.

if you dont see it your isp is caching so try using firefox instead of ie
mmm that is not a myBB forum
Tabo Wrote:if you dont see it your isp is caching so try using firefox instead of ie

Don't be silly, proxys and browsers cache. Not ISPs (unless they are running a proxy). I suppose the server your hosted on might have a proxy causing a caching problem. How would changing my browser effect my ISP's resources in the way your suggesting?
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