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Full Version: upgrate 1.6.3 to 1.6.4 not working for me
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all works fine thil this (look at picture) and stay like this forever [Image: updateerr.jpg]
have you uploaded all the files from the latest download package by overwriting earlier installed files ?
How is it possible that people are still getting this error? You have not uploaded all the files or downloaded the wrong package. Make sure you download it from here:
@ranjani i have download the update package for 1.6.4 that is in check version on acp and i overwrit the install folder
@faviouzi why to download the full version of 1.6.4 wen i only need update from 1.6.3 to 1.6.4
No, you downloaded the update to the original 1.6.4 release, which contained some issues. How could you have not seen the bold red text? You need to download the full package from here:
this one and overwrite the existing file on site ?
Done updated to 1.6.4 thx again Big Grin

now i have a new problem
Google SEO (1.1.13)
Google Search Engine Optimization as described in the official Google's SEO starter guide. Please see the documentation for details.

Modifications to inc/functions.php are required for URL support. Please see the documentation for details.

if i put the old functions.php is there any problem?
^ OFF TOPIC : we can achieve something in life only if we hope & try ...
ON TOPIC : overwriting 1.6.3 files with 1.6.4 files & running upgrade script will do no harm
fix it thx
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