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Full Version: how to put a image in front of username
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can you gys give me the username code?
that did not help!
Let me try to explain.

You need to make a usergroup for this, or use one you are in. Whatever your display group is. So you can either make one for yourself, or just edit the admin group.

For the "username style" box, just add the image at the front. The default admin group looks like this:

<span style="color: green;"><strong><em>{username}</em></strong></span>

Add the image infront, like this:

<img src="your/image/url/here.png"><span style="color: green;"><strong><em>{username}</em></strong></span>

It's pretty easy. Hope this helps. Smile.
<img src="image url">{username}</span>

You can still add colors the normal way around that...