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Full Version: IE error message Stack overflow at line
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I'm keep getting an error message : Message from webpage "Stack Overflow at line 5669" when move from reading a post to forum in IE - when moving from forum to category , there is no error

After click OK on the error message , the page is loading OK

and the error only happen with IE - Firefox or Google Chrome has no problem

How do I fix this ?

Thank You
(2011-08-10, 01:24 AM)MayKim Wrote: [ -> ]error message : Message from webpage "Stack Overflow at line 5669"

I just received the same complaint from someone who is testing my forum with IE8, only another line number.
Strange enough, I cannot reproduce it with IE9 on a Windows machine that I have available. I myself have an iMac, and no problems with Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Strange that nobody reacted on this one!!!


Ad Bakker
That error is triggered by IE's javascript debugging. The simple fix is to enable the "Disable Script Debugging" option in IE: tools->internet options->advanced.

It can be caused by many things - such as a massively recursive function or even a missing image that the script is trying to reference.
(2011-09-05, 09:12 AM)euantor Wrote: [ -> ]That error is triggered by IE's javascript debugging.

Thanks a lot, this explains everything!!!!

Al these differences with operating sytems, browsers and the various releases and settings of them makes you mad sometimes!!!! I grew up in a time that standardization came up, and things seemed to converge, but in this respect it is diverging again.


Ad Bakker
Hi Thank you for the reply
I have the "Disable Script Debugging" option enable but still have the overflow error message -
I'm using IE8
Please see this thread