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Full Version: Games Page for Page Manager : users must login to play
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Hello friends,
This is a page made for the page manager,that includes the games from heyzap.

This is made by our mybb member "Yaldaram" upon my request.

The games are entirely social and u can use your heyzap ID or facebook connect to play.

the speciality is that the page is viewed only by members logged in,and guest view is restricted.

Here is the screenshot :

The requirements and steps for this are :

1.Install page manager plugin. the zip file from here: click me
2.extract the zip file and upload the xml file via page manager. it and just navigate through it Smile

special regards : Yaldaram
Thank you.

Looks sweet Envira!
Thanks Jason.indeed its sweet SmileSmileSmile
Thank You envira. Smile
we should thank you bro Smile,its awesome and working pretty nice Smile,reps up for the hardwork Smile
(2011-08-12, 09:43 AM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]Thank You envira. Smile

Heart you man
Thank you both of you guys Smile
Gald u like it,my users are glued to it WinkWinkWink
Its a nice one. But is it possible that users can play the games with out a heyzap or fb account?
This is not integration,ots just a plain pahe with games.
But ur users must login to have them played.
The users need to have a facebook/heyzap account Smile