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Full Version: Bumping Pages
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I really hate the page to tell you that you will be re-directed and if you are impatient it then click here....

is there any need for that? Why would anyone want to wait? Is it a security feature or something?
ACP > Configurations > Server and Optimization Options > Friendly Redirection Pages > Off
I know how to do it... what I what I meant way... Why is there even that function? Who would want it. It just wastes time....
I've actually been using it my whole life until a few weeks ago. As soon as I disabled it I realized that it was indeed pretty useless.
I just can't figure it. Same on phpBB forums. I thought it must be some important mechanism.

Well i'm getting rid of it for good... It means my mouse will last 50% longer!
Saves DB resources maybe?
I even don't like to use it but its a good way to let users know What and Why they are redirecting..
well, after sending a PM I do not want to return to private messages page ;
after subscribing to a thread I do not like to return to the same thread ;
... ... ...
I use refresh blocker. it asks me whether to redirect or block the redirecting page
- if I need to return to previous page then I click on the link else close the tab ..
Whenever I post anything though I expect to see the finished article. I never use "preview post".... because if it looks wrong then I just go and edit it... no probs