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Full Version: if any modirator delete all posts ......???
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if any modirator delete all posts in forum then how to recover.??

please help me.
Unless you have a backup, there's nothing you can do.

Choose better staff next time.
^He's right, only if you got database back ups you can restore them.
any plugin for auto backup???
Mybb have a built-in automatic backup feature:
Tools & Maintenance -> Task Manager -> Weekly Backup (You can change it in monthly, daily or whatever you need)

You could also use this plugin:
When you delete something, with this plugin active, you will have the possibility to restore it.
Edit : not seen the above response Smile

may be its better to use a trashcan system [eg. Undo Delete , trash can forum , soft delete ...)
{ please read the documentation , reviews / comments before installing any plug-in }
yes , its good plugin. i will install and post reply,

thanks all friends.
yes working fine, undo-delete plugin.