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[Image: logo.png]
"It's not the game, it's the community."

Hello, today marks the day that No-Escape begins it's return. James & I have been planning this for a long time, and we are more prepared then ever. With two years of past experience under our belts, we believe we're highly able to tackle this project.

We are one of the first OX servers to have a functioning webclient, meaning Mac, Linux, and Windows users can all play!

What we want No-Escape to be, is one of my Former RSPS plans. We want it to be fun oldschool RS, but with better graphics & gameplay. So, we will have certain Contributor only items/areas, but most of No-Escape's areas/items can be accessed 100% free! How cool is that? Wink

We hope to become popular, not only as a game, but as a community too.

Nice site. But in Forums, thead still has default blue background.
Thank you, and no it doesn't. We've corrected it to be green.
Ew it's a site being hosted on a free .tk domain!

Forum theme looks a lot like the default theme with few changes.
get a bigger wall paper and center it :
(08-15-2011, 03:30 AM)Kolton T. Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you, and no it doesn't. We've corrected it to be green.

Change the borders so that they are green as well.

Oh and, you may want to get a TLD...
.tk sucks, the theme is horrible, you still have default icons and such, personally you should release it when it's finished and you have a domain.
Okay, thanks for the feedback. I knew I forgot something when I released with the .tk domain, sorry. O.o We'll probably be buying something soon, no worries. And, I wanted to keep the theme relatively simple. We aren't trying to 100% pull away from Mybb default, it matches our site and gets the job down. The border thing is being fixed as we speak.

And, as for Icons I'm not really sure what needs changing. Maybe I'll steal an idea I had about a year ago for my RS fansite. Toungue
The job is to communicate between RSPS players and your forum therefore you need a (maybe simple) but attractive theme, the homepage is also the same as RuneAid so maybe change that as well
I understand what the job of the website is. And, the only thing similar to RuneAid on our homepage, is the layout, but we're just using what works. Subject to change at any time.

Is there anything about the theme you dislike? I feel the entire site works with it, it's simple, and looks pretty nice.
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