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[Image: 2r5896o.png]

Please check out Kokiri Village, we are a fun new Legend of Zelda community. Zelda is a niche near untouched among the MyBB network, so we gave it a try, with our Retro meets modern gloss theme, and colorful and easy to look at and navigate layout.
I signed up but I'm not getting an activation email.
Oh sorry, I'll disable that and activate your account, thanks for joining Smile
I love your theme, but it's been a while since I played Zelda games.

Would you do me a favour ?
If the new Zelda for the Wii comes out ( It's been announced ).
PM and I'll join your forum, because then I atleast am involved properly in the topic.
Hope you know a bit what I mean.
It's supposed to come out by the end of the year, whynot join now, and stay in the loop? That way you'll know when it comes out and regain your love for zelda? haha.
Great site, I joined.
Love the theme and i love zelda though i am not signing up because i won't be active. Good luck
Thanks, too bad you wouldn't be active :/
Yeh well I have a full time job and things now XD, only half active here and not really any other forum.
Okay, thanks anyways Smile
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