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Full Version: My experience here this year compared to last year
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As you can see, I've been a registered member here for a full year now. Honestly though, when I first registered, I hated this forum community. The MyBB community forums were dead, and hardly any posts were made.

I think in a year this forum has grown quite a lot, and support and response time really improved. Last year, I was really interested in investing in MyBB and make it become a paid forum software - let me just say that idea didn't go too smoothly here. Toungue Nevertheless, this community has grown and I actually prefer it to be open source.

My experience here is much better now. There's active users and posts, contributers, skinners, and developers. It seems like you've finally developed the fanbase that you and your forum software always needed.

Kudos. Big Grin
Thanks for the nice comments. Smile

We will be sure work even harder in the 1.2.x series. Smile
I always mention Mybb when I am in other webmaster forums. I speak very highly of it.