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Full Version: Google Seo Redirect Problem
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I'm using google Seo for a long time but it cause some error msg in google webmaster tools like ''URLs not followed
When we tested a sample of
URLs from your Sitemap, we
found that some URLs
redirect to other locations.
We recommend that your
Sitemap contain URLs that
point to the final destination
(the redirect target) instead
of redirecting to another
HTTP Error: 301
Problem detected on:
Aug 22, 2011
'' how can i solve it when i deactive google Seo Redirect in My Admin Cp then it no error msg appear in Google Webmaster. How can i solve it with out deactive google Seo direct
Are you using Lazy Mode? There's a known bug with Lazy Mode and the Sitemap (DamYan reported it). I'll fix this as soon as I find the time, use the full mode until then.