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Full Version: Auto Hyperlink
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When i posted URL.
Without code tags(this one - [code] )
The URLS get hyperlinked automatically
I dont want the URLS to be Hyperlinked like this.
What can i do?
So you don't want links to be parsed, at all?
yes it shortens the url and hides it better to be posted in normal view.
Oh, you do not want urls to be shorter right?
yes i want them as they are.
So you don't want them at all, then you want them shorter, now you want them as they are? o__O
No, he wants urls not to be shorter. you see, when you post a long url, mybb short it, like this:

But he wants url to be like this:

If not possible then he wants to remove url parsing at all.
1. Open ./inc/class_parser.php in a text editor.

2. In line 864 remove or comment this out:

if($name == $url && (!isset($this->options['shorten_urls']) || $this->options['shorten_urls'] != 0))
	if(my_strlen($url) > 55)
		$name = my_substr($url, 0, 40)."...".my_substr($url, -10);
Nice favious!
Testing it Smile
100% Worked thanks faviouz