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Hosting Help is place for webmasters to get support for their hosting package of any company/site . A place to get knowledge and advice about web hosting. We are and open for everyone in world . We support both offshore and onshore hosting services help. Our staff has big platform and having more than 5 Years experience on Web host.
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Quote:The maximum server load limit has been reached. Please check back later once the server is less busy.

Helping people with hosting, when they can't keep their own website online.
You dun goofed.
Sorry about that. It should be work now
I don't like the menu. Change it to match the rest of the theme with blues and light grays.
You already have ads on your forum? Put me off straight away.
Sorry but how do you expect to help when a website is under attack? What if the provider does not provide any support (common in unmangaged VPS)?

I understand you tried to think outside of the box but in the end the user will eventually contact the hosting provider because they rely on the administrative privileges the hosting providers have over the servers.

The new Hosting Help is Help My Host -