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Full Version: New Counter-Strike template...
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Well I just got done converting my clan site from PHPBB into wasn't too bad at all. I of course had to remake the skin and such.

Currently it's at

but if that doesn't work it's because I am moving it to

Anyways...I might release this skin to the public for those interested in a counter-strike type forums.
Once again another nice custom template built buy labrocca. Toungue
I am also setting up a mybb forum for a cs clan. If you could release this theme it would be great!
nice !! but also Toungue as i always say !! modify the navigation icons
Not too bad. A forum most people can all relate to - Counter-Strike Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Yeah zaher I need to find better nav icons. I will look into that.

Also the forums will be located at and I will be giving private forums to clans. What a clan can do is frame their clanfind forum within their site...or just hyperlink.

Anyways thanks for the comments. I do believe this is the best skin I have ever made.
Nice skin, labrocca. Will you be reasing it?

BTW, good that you are using MyBB 1.1.5
Thanks...I still gotta wrap up the template to share it.

Am I allowed to place a link to my site on the footer and require it there?
Yes, as far as I know you are. You cant edit the MyBB copyright of course, but under that you can put a Link/copyright whatever and require it to be there as credit for you making the skin.
Theme released for those interested. It's called CLANFIND.
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