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Full Version: Major Spamming issue
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Hello every one . I have tried to find the related thread but no success .

we are running mybb script for our two forums .

We are now tired after removing spam post over and over .reason why we have to close posting on all categories .

Please help us and give us some solutions to dealt with them .

Install these plugins.
1) recaptcha
2) Registration security questions.
3) Stop Forum Spam.

You will rarely see a spam after that.
While using StopForum Spam, disable the username filtering option in its settings as it blocks some normal members too.
Install Akismet if you haven't already.


Stop Forum Spam:
I strongly advice you to install Signup Questions plugin

Akismet can block normal users for posting something like :"LOL" on multiple threads (already happened to several users on my forum)

Spambots can hack RECAPTCHA II easily

Stop Forum Spam relies on another website... not good for your forum performance

Registration security questions has a bug if you're using the "Like" button plugin or several other plugins that use jQuery...

So I advice you to install Signup Questions plugin... It stopped all the spambots on my forum, try it... It's magic Smile
Done as suggested lets see how it goes .Akismet is paid isn't it?
(2011-08-29, 10:27 PM)swiftsaves Wrote: [ -> ]Done as suggested lets see how it goes .Akismet is paid isn't it?

Akismet comes with all MyBB packages. It's free.

@OP, IMO MyBB captcha is pretty useless. Almost any spam bot can get through it automatically.

So you will have to install one of the aforementioned plugins. I recommend Signup Questions.

Only a real human can answer the questions.
Install the plugins all recommended.

Goodbye spammer is a plugin which will allow you to ban a spammer, and delete all his posts in 1 click. Link:

Also, StopForumSpam checks the spammers IP and email against a database of emails and if its info is there, stops them from registering which is very helpful. Link:

Also, another think; make sure your post flood limit isn't to low Wink
Aaah...................... Sad
Thanks every one those took time and replied .But after done as suggested above, we have allowed posts and threads on our forums. But they are back .Even with questions answer etc plugins. filled up again and slowly
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