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Full Version: Removing member register agreement?
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hi Smile

as topic says i want to remove this agreement so users just go straight to form, what files do i need to delete/change ?
This would require a core edit. Download the attached member.php and replace it with the current one in your forum's root directory.

Or if you've already modified member.php file and do not want to lose those edits, here is how to do it yourself.

If you want to disable registration Agreement, and want to redirect users directly to user Details page then here is how;

Open member.php and find and remove the following;
	if((!isset($mybb->input['agree']) && !isset($mybb->input['regsubmit'])) || $mybb->request_method != "post")
		// Is this user a COPPA user? We need to show the COPPA agreement too
		if($mybb->settings['coppa'] != "disabled" && ($mybb->cookies['coppauser'] == 1 || $under_thirteen))
			if($mybb->settings['coppa'] == "deny")
			$lang->coppa_agreement_1 = $lang->sprintf($lang->coppa_agreement_1, $mybb->settings['bbname']);
			eval("\$coppa_agreement = \"".$templates->get("member_register_agreement_coppa")."\";");


		eval("\$agreement = \"".$templates->get("member_register_agreement")."\";");
thanks alot Smile