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Full Version: Usercp Side Prob. Plz Help Me..
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Hey Guys,
I Have A Prob In My Forum Usercp.

1.I Can See My Ref. Link In Usercp..
[Image: x4COd.jpg]

2.There Are 1 Extra .. It Came with theme.. I Want to remove it and i want to know how to put an icon 4 it..
[Image: GiXMG.jpg]

3. When I Go to view user there are 2 .. Sad
[Image: Qr3S1.jpg]

When I Deleted Plugin it says 404 not found :@ :@
I Know Its Easy Ref. Plugin so i installed plugin .. but still hv that prob.. so tell me how to fix it soooNN...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You gave us not enough information to help you.

What plugins do you have intalled?
What skin/theme do you use?
Plugins -: So Many.. Prob In Theme .. I Think Theme creator installed that theme already n only template files written in theme.. plugin he installed -: Easy Refer

Theme -: The Elite.
^ hmm.., may be someone has to check that with required temporary privileges ...
hm.. I dnt knw ... Confused I Want to fix this soon..
^ if an expert doesn't respond to this then you may PM me with a temporary admin account ..
Hey, I Sent.. Plz Fix It Soon Smile
You may also PM me with details.

About Referral in usercp, I believe your theme is of 1.4x and not 1.6x, referral shows up in 1.6x in usercp. So regarding that, you may want to contact your themer to update it to 1.6

Other multiple links and things can be easily fixed, PM me if you need any help.
what you link i wonna see
Ranjani Fixed it.. Can any one tell me how to add announcement like this?
[Image: jlzju.jpg]
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