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Full Version: CSS not updating
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AJS knows about this problem, on my forum whenever I change the CSS, it doesn't update for some reason.

I'm editing the correct theme and all that malarkey so it's nothing to do with that.

Can anyone help?
open the css file in a code editor (eg. notepad++) AND modify ; save & upload ..
Your editing the css is in your cache>>themes folder right?
Could be a number of things.

Are you saying the file cache doesn't update? You can check your source code to see the css path if it's dynamic or the static cache/themes/ folder. If it's not saving to the themes folder then try deleting the folder and making sure cache/themes is created with chmod 777.

There is also the possibility of an older safe_mode creating a problem if you have php 4x or early 5x versions.

There is also your local browser cache or caching technology like Cloudflare which might not be updating your css as fast as you'd like.
I'm on about the ACP CSS, I've got CloudFlare installed, will try disabling that and see if it helps matters.
Seems to be working now.
Cloudflare will cache your css. You can either use the link they provide or you can try to purge the cache in their control panel.

Sad how much people don't understand what CF does then blame MyBB for things. Everyone using their service should take the time to read their wiki and understand each feature.