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Full Version: Paw Portal
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[Image: PP_Logo_207x200.png]

Greetings! We've recently launched Paw Portal and we'd love for you MyBB pros to swing by and provide your honest and "kindly critical" opinions.

We're not web designers. We're not programmers. We're simply animal lovers who wanted to set up a non-species specific site where fellow pet and animal owners can post questions, offer up advice, seek help for a lost animal, tell others about animals up for adoption, and more.

Feel free to swing by. Feel free to sign up! Again, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Hit the image above, or this link:


If anyone wants to see it, Sweet logo.
(09-02-2011, 08:42 PM)Jason L. Wrote: [ -> ]If anyone wants to see it, Sweet logo.

Duh! Thanks, Jason. I was just updating it when you replied.
Nice logo, and simple but good theme.

Good luck. Smile
Remove the advertisements, work a bit harder on categorizing your forums, actually make an effort to post in your forums, possibly a different theme? I don't know, it feels too 'simple'. It could be better.
What I do know:

Your domain name is a major no-no because of the hyphen. The domain name is still available for purchase. I suggest buying it IF you want a "paw portal" type of domain name.

Next: why do you want to give it a "paw portal" type of domain name? The critters discussed on your site don't all have paws. And portal is such an uncommon word for those who own these critters. I suggest coming up with an entirely new domain name (if possible and lots of luck with that). A few that I thought of in a minute (all taken):,,,

What I don't know but suspect:

The main colors for your site are red and black. These colors are far too aggressive for your type of site, much more suitable for a gaming site involving violence and death. You want much softer, warm and cuddly colors. Go to your competitors websites for ideas of colors to use.