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Full Version: 2 forums for sale, one with a uniqe niche
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Hi guys,

I am really feed up of forums and now want to get out from it. So i am selling 2 of my forums


It is based on a unique niche which you will not find anywhere else. 


it is a webmaster forum and domain is a pr2 domain you will also get a coustom plugin with it.

You will get everything related to these sites with the purchase and also a 6months hosting with a very good host.

I have no set price in my mind so just make offers.

Pm me if you want any details.


I want to let these sites go as soon as possible so i am starting bid here.

Start bid for TheModsTalk is $15 and for ForumLaunchers is $25
Minimum bid increment is $1
I have also listed this sale at 2 more sites so the best offer wins bid will close after 2 days.
Sale will include everything related to the sites + 6 months free hosting.
Ill give you 50 cents for both site.
(09-03-2011, 12:15 PM)Mr.tnr Wrote: [ -> ]Ill give you 50 cents for both site.

Better i should give them away for free Wink
I may be interested. PM me if still open!
First post updated.
No thanks. Too expensive.
(09-04-2011, 09:38 AM)Ace1 Wrote: [ -> ]No thanks. Too expensive.
What were you thinking that i will sell a PR2 domain website for $5 ?
Big Grin
How much for forum launchers? Becuase there is no way it's worth $25.. I might only be intrested in the forum database not really the domain maybe a price for both?
Bro ForumLaunchers domain is a PR2 Domain which can easily go for $15 and rest $10 for forum database and other things.

I have done a lot of work on this have submitted this to 500+ directories manually and also listed this to 100+ forums and websites., I will give you $20 USD via Paypal for it.
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