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Full Version: copy a forum into a new forum?
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I want to copy a whole forum with subforums, into a new category with [/i]different name.
Just change the Parent Forum in its settings.
I Don't want to remove the old forum as well.
admincp>forum and post click the forum you want to change NOTE you connot copy the category only forum for example you got a category... inside the category you have a News & Announcement forum.. click the News & Announcement and find VIEW FORUM....... ADD CHILD ......FORUM EDIT FORUM SETTINGS....... COPY FORUM,, click the edit settings forum then it will redirect you to the new page of it. then find this Parent Forum * click that and choose a forum/category where you want to place that
I wan to copy the forum into the same parent category (from where it is copied) . (will change the name and posts after copying)
well is that so just click the copy.
Not working.