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Full Version: Add mybb code with input box
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how are you?
thanks for you for your jobs.
I added flash bbcode to my forum with this code:

Parses quote MyCode

<object width="$2" height="$3">
<param name="movie" value="$1">
<embed src="$1" " type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed>

and it's perfect.
but I need when I press in its button ( which I add it to quick reply buttons ) use the input box to enter url of file, width and height. such as when I press on image button.

how I can do that?

thanks for all

I added that button by adding this code to "wysiwyg_quickreply" and "wysiwyg_default"
var tmpBBCode = { wysiwyg:0, bbCode:'Flash', htmlOpen:'', htmlClose:'', icon:'flash.gif', sourceCode:1, attributes:[{ attributeHTML:'', validationPattern:'^\\d+$', required:0 }] };
                extraBBCodes['Flash'] = tmpBBCode; sourceCodes['Flash'] = 'Flash'; language['Flash.title'] = "Insert Flash File";

can any one help me? please.