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Full Version: Hmm
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Is there a reason why people post their forums in the Templates section while not offering templates ? Those threads should be in showcase forum and not in Templates I think. I mean what is the purpose of showing us templates you done to your forums while not offering download of the same?
I guess you are talking about the themes!!, well most of them have download links ! some have them in the mods sites, others doesn't have a link because they still underconstruction.

But i guess very few of them, doesn't have.

Yes, if they're just trying to get input to make them better before releasing, it's OK to put them in the themes forum...but yes, if they're just showing off their new themes and don't intend on releasing them, then they SHOULD be in the showcase forum instead (didn't even know there was one though) LOL
The "Templates, Theme Sets and Graphics" forum isn't just for releasing themes, it's a place for discussion of templates, theme sets and graphics, as stated in the forum description. Asking for opinions on a theme being developed in that forum is perfectly fine.
I think the Showcase forum is more for established websites to show off, not for showing off a start of a new theme...