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Full Version: Howto WGET mybb.
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I tried wget but that doesn't work.

I know there is a WGET friendly link, isn't there?
Got it

You should advertise a WGETable tarball though.

Damn that doesn't work either.

mv latest

That should work.
Labrocca to the rescure, MyBB central :p
(2011-09-07, 04:29 AM)Malcolm. Wrote: [ -> ]wget
mv latest

Doesn't give me a zip.
Just tried it, it works fine for me.

will download the latest archive with a filename of "latest" but it is a valid .zip archive file. its just not named correctly.

So ifyou always use the above wget in a folder where you know you are saving to, then you can just

unzip latest

to get the Documentation and Upload folders
I don't know what's wrong with my VPS then, i just got a 1mb file called latest.l
I get a 1.8mb file called latest (that can be opened via unzip), if you follow the post by Malcolm. you get a properly named zip file that your system may prefer to work with.
Even better:

I use this a lot when setting up copies of MyBB for testing and stuff.
Use the --content-disposition option, then it will save the download/latest to the name given by the server, e.g. currently it's
Yeah, and Aries-Belgium and I put a lot of work into the One Line download options we made that favoiuz linked to Toungue
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