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Full Version: Where can I submit my Patch Fixing MyBB bug?
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Hi, yesterday I have Fixed one of the MyBB Bug (connected with "Mark as read" Engine function).
I have reported this Bug with my PatchFix (as an Attachment) on page (This Bug: ), but noone is interested in this patch...

Where is the proper place to submit my own patches?
You've submitted it in the right place I believe. The MyBB team will review it then, if it's ok, they'll implement the patch for the next maintenance release.
Ok, thanks for the info Smile
But one more question - is there any page where all contributors which are not in MyBB team are listed?
At the moment, no, there isn't.
Pretty much everyone is a contributor here in some way.
(2011-09-08, 03:30 PM)Malcolm. Wrote: [ -> ]Pretty much everyone is a contributor here in some way.

But not everyone makes own patches Smile
But I understand what do you mean, I think it's time to close the thread.