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Full Version: How do i alter header/panel width?
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hi guys, if you take a look at my forum, i want the top & bars (bars which have the welcome bit & admin/cp links etc & the footer to be same width as the rest of my forum as at present they go right across?

If this is possible i would also like to try & round off the edges to (similar to my news & update bar) Smile

any ideas please?

its not my board width i want to change dude

its just my footer & top bar are not the same width as my board Wink
First of all, I recommend you put back Justin's copyright back in.
well, i would have done but i was trying to sort my footer out yesterday & i messed it up (look at my recent topics if you like). Once i sort out my footer then i will re-insert it.

But... thanks for your help Smile
justins copyright is back in footer, now can someone please help with my original problem Sad ?
anyone know please?

just want my header (i think it is?... the black & gray bars at top of my page) to be same width as my forum?