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Full Version: How to have GAMES where users compete with each other's scores
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-I am currently using the "GAME" page from this thread:

-I would like to have a scoreboard of sorts where people can compete with each others scores, similar to the one found here:

Any ideas how I might pull this off?

The most recent release appears to be 1.5 years old.... shows 2/18/2010... you sure it will work with most recent myBB?
You just need to edit the compatibility.
reading through their forums, it seems there are some MySQL errors cropping up recently. Anyone heard of any issues with this?

Also, can anyone who's USED this say whether it's been worth it or not?
It's worth trying. You're not going to get someone else to make a system that huge. It's open source, so feel free to submit patches.
ive used it, & yup its great... 100's of games you can add, can setup competetions/tournaments etc & very customizable.. easy to use.. give it a go dude Wink

P.S.. make sure you read the instructions carefully as it can get confusing when installing! Smile

I will be adding it to my new forum soon Smile
Thanks guys. I'll set it all up tonight and report back how it goes.