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Full Version: Hide links until users logs in?
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Hi Smile

I want to place the "Admin" & "User" CP links elsewhere, but how do i hide them until the user logs in like they do in the default location?

i also want to make some other links (such as view profile) work the same way when i place it elsewhere
Cant understand what u mean.
if it is in the header go to your theams templats (if you don't know how go to your theams and on the right is a templats link) then header then you can do what you wont.
hi guys ta for reply Wink

i want to remove most of the links in the small header bar at the top of forum such as user CP / Admin CP & the View New Posts / Private Messages etc & place them into my sideboxes instead.

Im using custom code in index (not a plug in) for sideboxes, but how do i make the side boxes only show the links inside them when the user has logged in? as they do normally when in the header?
better still... how could i hide the actual box until user has logged? this be much better as then i wouldnt need to hide each of the links inside... just the box Smile
i dont want to remove them though Sad just want to move them into my sideboxes then either make the links hidden until user has logged in, or hide the actual side box until user has logged... Hiding the actual sidebox i prefer though
heres what i mean

the sidebox on left that shows "User CP" link to guests, but i want the box to not show to guests?
ahh oki ta dude, wil lgive that ago, but is it possible to hide the boxes instead? ..otherwise guests will just see a blank sidebox im guessing?