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Full Version: ✿✿✿ problem with loading by mozilla firefox ✿✿✿
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There is a problem with loading Theme.

I install mybb V.1.64 ( )
this site load completely by IE and Google chrome but its template does not load good with Mozilla Firefox !!!!
I use last version of Firefox

This is a pic by Mozilla Firefox

and this is by Internet Explorer

what do you think?
my server use last php and is linux by mysql
cleaned up the cache in mozilla
This is a problem with firefox trying to load css from a php file. Although MyBB sends the right headers for it to be recognized as css, it seems something somewhere is interfering.

To work around you can chmod your cache folders so that it uses cache instead of css.php

chmod cache to be writable.

Read these for more info:
thank you so much
I will check it and write here its result
When I faced this problem (theme not load properly), I checked my cookie domain